Monday, 1 April 2019


In a room and talking to some smart gent about something. I'm conscious of a big screen showing a film in the dark room next door, and am trying to pay attention to our conversation at the same time. The screen is visible through the door jamb (which in fact seems to be huge, or perhaps I am zooming in on it). The screen itself then fills my vision, and it cuts from scene to scene. The first, most vivid, scene is a shot from below, a heavy, hairless scrotum and a penis pumping into a vagina. The image is incredibly sweaty, beads of sweat and bodily fluids running and dripping on the moving flesh and thighs. There is a cluster of related images in quick succession. The very last of these flashes of sexual imagery (and the one which it took me some time to decipher) looked like an actual slice through a vagina from the side - as if placed against glass, the (admittedly plant-like) cells and section of sliced tissue visible - as a (whole) penis pumped away. Then, after it seemed to have ejaculated, sperm glugging everywhere and pooling inside the vagina, the penis became a light green snake and snapped forward, clamping its elastic jaws tight around the head of an exotic tree frog that had been sitting calmly in the sperm filled vagina slice-

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