Tuesday, 9 April 2019


Walking up through the pillar bits of Glasgow (the big buildings up by the University) with my friends Ess Ess, Pee Bee and Eee Eff. We walked past a pillar and a prostitute behind it came out and started following us. Freaky! I threw something over my shoulder and it hit her in the face. Frightened I apologised. By the time we reached Kelburn Primary School playground and turned round the prostitute had been replaced by a young, cute red-headed girl (who looked like Melanie from Neighbours). She was asking me out. Thinking about it I asked what age she was. She said she was 12 and Eee Eff exclaimed loudly, unbelievably, "12??!" She said that she was joking and that she was 16. I was 19. Pee Bee was laughing the way he does. Meanwhile another friend, Aye Pee, was telling Ess Ess that he was going to absolutely kick his head in. The girl asked me for my phone number. I gave her it and took hers also. Her number was 0471 63352-

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