Friday, 5 April 2019


A lagoon lake. A Mel Gibson film. He and a woman are driving along a country road that ends suddenly, tapering away in corrugated sheeting. Beyond this lies a crystal blue yet slightly sinister and gelatinous water. Two guys, a black man on the left and a white on the right, emerge from this clinging entity, chatting to mel and the woman. The men then go back under the water, the surface sealing itself neatly about them as they disappear. Mel and the woman then pass through the surface, concerned that they will drown when completely submerged. They soon discover, however, that the air is pure, enveloping an environment of crystal clarity-

My friend Dee Tee and myself. Both moving to new work, undertaking the necessary studies to do so. We both enter a modern university-ish building. We wait outside a door, aware that interviews are taking part therein. Behind us is a locked timber door, from which small choking noises are emanating. These build slowly into great, unsettling, vomitting hacks, punctuated by tortured gasps. The door opens and a small, distressed young student with glasses emerges. She leaves via another door-

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