Saturday, 27 April 2019


Millport. Power cuts. Due to a lightning strike. Some pub also involved. Running about in the streets. Driving about in some van. Strange and Castlevania-esque setting. Up in the air was a room with Frankenstein's monster in it. He was visible standing in an open archway. On either side there was a cage, one with something like Dracula in one and The Wolfman in the other. Had to do with hitting Dracula or The Wolfman in some way as to create a bridge that would extend from the archway of Frankenstein's room and connect them to the other side of the huge room (where they were currently on the underside of the ceiling). Thought I'd done it, the arch(?) opened and the monster walked into The Wolfman's cage and was now on the loose, chasing me. I was once again removed from the action as I switched to an onlooker, watching the monster chasing the guy in among pillars. He eventually caught him and started to strangle him-

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