Monday, 15 April 2019


Richard Ashcroft, the singer from Starsailor and Phil Selway from Radiohead have formed a supergroup (of five, I'm sure, though the others are not present). This scene feels black and white to me, and Richard Ashcroft in particular is youthful as in his heydays. The three of them are joking and laughing and there is much hilarity about Richard putting a thumbprint at the back of some document - it seems this will become a trademark- 

On a bus that is driving along quiet winding roads. It is late, and outside, rather than being dark (as it feels) is sort of uniformly grey, the landscape nondescript, just cropped grass hills stretching off in every direction. The bus does not appear to have lights on and there is not other traffic. I can almost see the twisting road going on forever, and seem to be (at times) viewing the scene from high above. There is myself, a young woman, Kay MacDee, and the driver on the bus. The woman and I are sitting up the back at opposite corners of the wide rear seat, Kay MacDee's head visible further down and the driver's shaven head at the very front. The bus is quite basic inside. At one point - almost as if it were in a glitchy old computer game - the bus topples onto its side as it takes a tight corner and we are in a strange slow motion, almost comical crash (where there is no damage). Almost immediately the driver seems to be apologising ans we are on our way again. Clearly the young woman and I put on our seatbelts in our opposing corners, exchanging words. In fact, the driver turns us around (awkwardly) and heads back in the direction we came. We are then in some sort of brightly lit services stop, only the sign 'ADEON' would clearly suggest - to me, even though it is not 'ODEON' - it's a cinema. Is the driver away to the bathroom or to watch a film? I am puzzling over a display, a sort of plastic upright with a yellow tray around chest height, that holds three tall glasses of sparkling water. Are they free? I take one and somehow it seems to fizz over constantly, making a mess on the floor. Eventually I work out that there;s a smaller, yellow, cap-like, cup to hold under the glass to catch the fizz. Another woman, evidently as puzzled as I am, takes one too- 

Walking past a charity shop and notice that it has been partially stripped out inside, timber partitions stripped right back to the supporting studs to allow you to see through. I go into this shop and look about. It seems (to me) that this is for the League of Gentlemen television series. I remember they have scenes set in a charity shop. I can sense a TV crew there, but no one makes themselves known to me or appears. Part of the shop interior seems to have been set up to recreate an elaborate array of gas meters and associated facilities- 

Pulp's 'Sorted For Es and Wizz' is playing and I am puzzled to hear Jarvis Cocker refer to ecstasy as 'X' in the lyrics, as I know this American slang-

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