Saturday, 16 November 2019


I am with two or three other, older, (business) men. It seems like we are on a lunch break or something, looking for a place to eat. The discussion seems endless and we're totally undecided and cannot agree. Two of us go off to eat, leaving myself and the final guy to go to a pub. I think it's called 'The Turret' and the outside is painted in a very thick, exceptionally glossy Royal Red paint. I have a sense the place is very “British” (and it unsettles me so). On entering the bar is on our left, beyond a fixed upstand for drinks at which two capped old gents slouch, one on wither side. Straight ahead there is a huge, sturdy bald guy – complete with white t-shirt – drinking. He looks very tough but, despite my concerns, he pays us no attention. We go to the bar and, after some deliberation, I think I order Tomato Soup. I have no recollection of who served us as I am looking away from the bar to the two older guys at the upstand. We sit over to the right and I am looking over my companion's shoulder towards the stocky bald guy. I look up. The pub is small, but very high, almost a double height space,and bright in a cold light. The ceiling, with impressions of the underside of semi-demolished spiral stone stairs to one corner and its' incomplete white paint job – I can see brownish tiles that haven't been covered – suggests an entire floor has been removed at one point-

There is a fresh, young-ish couple at a table just to our right. They are both dressed in Umbro-style tracksuits, mostly white with blue flashes and red piping/stitching. They pull, to my apprehension, their table over and shimmy in their seats next to us. The young woman has centrally parted hair down to her neckline and a plainly pretty, if slightly boy-ish face. The youth is maybe 18 years old with short, shaved hair, longer on top, and tends to address the floor rather than us directly. He says something about “shaped by our immediate environment” - I am so surprised by how articulate he is that I don't quite process what he means. It seems they are commenting on our surroundings and not, though they look it, actually a part of it (in the way the other drinkers seem to be). I am concerned that this analytical attitude will be overheard and will be unwelcome. The woman talks to my companion – who has suddenly turned into an older woman herself – and asks (somewhat awkwardly) about the affect bullying has on people and if she was ever bullied. The bald guy gets up to leave. He is (or is he with?) a girl with long straggly hair. I see her as they leave and they are very similar facially (but younger than I thought and far less intimidating)-

Tuesday, 12 November 2019


Something to do with the release of a third RIDE single. The song was definitely not on the album. The title definitely had the word 'shell' in it- 

Trying to run to a hill in the middle of a flat area. Tall grass. However, the army were coming too and their intentions were far from good in my eyes- 

Had to really run it. As I was doing so formations of army jet fighters would scream overhead- 

This happened several times. I was absolutely pelting it towards the hill now. Then the first plane dropped a rocket there was an explosion- 

I knew their intentions. I was so close to the hill at that first explosion that I now knew I had to get away. The frightening thing was the whole squadron were now dropping their rockets. These hit the ground and then propelled themselves along it through the tall grass into the mountain to explode- 

The rockets were huge white things with red painted tips. They moved at an incredible speed. At one point when they came in droves one of them clipped me. So lucky to get away. While this was going on, and as rocket after rocket piled into the mountain, I caught glimpses of huge, great stone constructions, presumably made by aliens- 

Totally massive and utterly compelling structures- 

At this point on of the planes was burning clusters in the grass with its downturned jets as it landed to see if I was okay- 

The pilot was a black woman. She'd landed against orders. Now an onlooker as my character became a short-haired, thin woman arguing with an army superior (who had turned up to discipline the black pilot and remove her). She was totally shouting about, and swearing about her “right to know!” Sad that I never got to see the hill again. Had it been blasted to a big crater, to create a landing site like that in 'Close Encounters'? Was the thing in the hill to be blasted out?

Thursday, 7 November 2019


In Iceland. I am hiring a car. Seems that soon (and by some strange logic) there will be no more cars there as they are all very old and there are no new ones at all. How will they get new cars? I think will they set up a manufacturing plant? This concept really perplexes me. Seems a hired car comes with a basic handwritten note about what's actually wrong with it. Car says you need to wear like cheap plastic safety goggles - on a fabric/elastic band - because it leaks THC(?) when you drive it? There is even a scrawled drawing of the goggles next to a circled “THC”- 

I'm in a small red, rusty and unreliable car with 2 or 3 other people, driving out into the landscape. I'm sitting in the back. Do we stop at a remote place called Filly or Tilly or Dilly or something? Sort of souvenir elastic tie bands with that name on it by a rock. The man and woman with me say these bands are free and urge me to take one. Sort of velcro'd on to each other. I take the top band and put the loop over my mouth and make silly "wooty wip" noises, opening and closing the loop in time as if it were my lips. The couple find this hilarious, especially the woman and so I keep doing it. The woman wants to take a photo and I'm conscious she cannot seem to snap anything satisfying while I have this doubtful feeling inside, certainly, that I'm forgetting how to make the correct amusing noises as well as pretty much going through the motions until a decent picture is taken-

Friday, 1 November 2019


Dutch guy in the supermarket. He had blonde hair which was thinning and a small moustache, quite like one of the local train ticket inspectors(?). I guided him back to some hotel. It was a sort of tall/small box on the corner of a large surrounding square. Quite dull and weird. The dining area was on the ground floor. Went in and sat down to talk with Aye Dubya who was with his girlfriend and two others. I was worried about not ordering anything. Vee Dee and her boyfriend were at another table. He looked terrible. They met at the RIDE and The Charlatans 'Daytripper' concerts. His mum sent him to get to know her. After this I must have been on the run. Got caught and- 

Now back in my little brother's year at school. I was in Mrs Bee's English class. We were getting our lunch in class after which I had to tidy up because I was late or had been the last to find a seat. Seated like so. I went up to the other table (next to mine) to get my lunch. I think that at this point I proclaimed my genius. Mrs Bee was saying something that ended in, “might've/could've been a genius.” In response I roared, “I am a genius!” Pretty startling-

Lunch was mince mixed with big thick bits of carrot and another side of vegetables of cauliflower and carrot. I had about three spoonfuls of mince and one of veg. I went and sat down. Ayy Dubya came in from Mrs Dubya's class. Someone from my table went as a swap in his place. The class wanted my little brother to go. He was walking about our class but didn't go. I was still eating my lunch a short while after when Dee EmmCeeEmm did something to my head. I dispatched him with two punches in the mouth. He was shocked and slightly dazed. Mrs Bee was taking us to the headmaster's office. Along the way Dee EmmCeeEmm, now angry, tried to exact his revenge. Marched outside across to office. At this point Dee tried to jam me in a swing gate (like that you'd find at a farmer's field). I could only shrug my shoulders at Mrs Bee. We were both put on a light plane. Dee had to sit at the front and I sat further back. Like so- 

There were two security guys on board for us. One of them (the one assigned to me) left. The one assigned to Dee was still around until a call came over his walkie-talkie and he too left. Then Pee Gee (the local supermarket baker) came aboard. He seemed to have a grudge against me. He had a metal nameplate which he was threatening me with. He started the plane. Staring at Dee he wandered up the plane (talking as he did so) to me and turned his back to enter the cockpit. Big mistake. He went 'bye-bye' as I toed his head in before he even know what was going on. I ran down and entered the plane cockpit. There was a warning voice saying, “pilot” over and over. Trying to find the brake – now travelling along a motorway in the plane. Eventually found it and the plane screeched across the motorway, passing in front of an oncoming lorry and heading towards some trees. Like so- 

Very frightening as we must have narrowly missed colliding with it. Realising we were going to crash I pelted out of the cockpit into the back as we smashed, plummeted and wellied our way through the trees. We'd escaped. Now a dark night. Lots of lightning. Running through the trees at the side of the motorway. Running at an incredible rate. The weird thing was the other guy (Dee?) and myself seemed to be running back in the direction we'd come. Hid while cars passed- 

Now suddenly being chased through a housing estate. Quite like Stakehill, Largs. Frightening. They had caught the other guy on someone's driveway. I was running about at some yellow stone building. Square pillars. Must have been about 20 men and women all with some sort of grudge against me. They seemed to be a group but tried to catch em one at a time. Kept them off by dodging in and out of the pillars, punching them squarely in the face each time. Something to do with a stone stairway up the building? Two other people then started to fight with each other, leaving me in the background-

Tuesday, 29 October 2019


Vintage looking, 70s'-ish TV concert footage (much like The Old Grey Whistle Test). But this seems in my mind to be Jools Holland. Kay Emm and I are watching and discussing this in voiceover. The footage starts with film of Peter Hook, young and bearded, at the drums, the cymbals and stands on either side framing his thoughtful face. This cuts to a guy on percussion. He has quite curly hair, a long nose and wears a somewhat blank expression. He has shakers and such. Bernard Sumner is visible in the background on guitar, mostly seen in full. They begin with quite an eclectic percussive intro, prompting Kay Emm to ask, “what is this?!” I say that it is Joy Division and that she needs to be patient and to wait for the singer.... who it transpires is not quite Ian Curtis, but more of a cross between him and Iggy Pop. His hair is a dark blonde tousled indie mop, and he wears a tight blue t-shirt and denims. In essence it is Ian Curtis, only with more of Iggy's wilder movements and vocal howls and yelps. Certainly less blank and morose. He leaves the stage and proceeds to run frantically around the auditorium. It seems to be a huge arena and he runs up some stairs at the perimeter, singing and gesticulating. Confronting a fan/reporter their exchange ends with Ian/Iggy (accidentally) punching him in the face – the guy, with his long hair and sandy raincoat, sort of looks into the TV camera in shock, showing off his bloodied lip. Ian Curtis, here looking very much an amiable surf bum facially, seems to momentarily awaken from his musical trance to smile and acknowledge what has happened before just as quickly again surrendering to the thrashing and writhing. He then – to our complete disbelief – takes a short run and jumps, launching himself into the air. He descends slowly, curled up into a neat little ball, arms tucked around his ankles and drifts across the centre of a scene of perfect blackness – he is in a complete empty space, nothing visible around him. Kay Emm and I are flabbergasted (and concerned) as he sails peacefully through this epic void. He then lands quite perfectly near the stage and we realise (as the camera switches) that he has jumped down from a much higher level of the arena, landing near the stage - it seems to sit in the centre of the venue, with a bank of seating climbing steeply up to the left, then over, then back down on the right-

Friday, 25 October 2019


Myself, my big brother, my friends Pee Dee and Eee EmmCeeCee in my room over at the window. Pee Dee offered my big brother a joint. He refused. I took it and Pee Dee and I puffed away on one each. I thought it was funny because Pee Dee and I didn't smoke. Meant to ask him. Didn't feel it was affecting me the way it was Pee Dee. Had to smoke quick because we were all about to head up to Cee Bee's house. Scared my brother would tell on me- 

Myself and Enn Bee in a giant comic shop. At first there was no but ourselves and the owner. It soon got very busy. Hoards of stuff. Some painted MARVEL, spine back newsstand edition that only ran for 11 issues. The first giant issue had a bear on the front. It cost about £12. There was a toy of this bear character also. Some Avengers stuff. One issue cost £11.50. Shocking. So much brilliant stuff but bought nothing as usual-

Sunday, 20 October 2019


In a department store in a shopping mall in the United States. The shop has racks of sporty-style jackets on the wall and racks of similar clothing at intervals down the centre of the floor too. Rather than having entrance/exit doors there are two large floor to ceiling openings (on the right hand side facing the back of the shop) into the mall concourse. The concourse flooring is a deep red vinyl, with slight ribbing - presumably to create an anti-slip surface – and a black trim/upstand to the perimeter. The store is quite narrow and I am towards the back end where the hanging clothes and shopfloor racks make moving around quite tight and awkward-

I actually have my old Tanglewood (Fender copy) guitar with me and am wearing it. I have been relegated to here because I have killed two people and the staff keep checking on me, making for awkward crushes amongst the clothes as we try to move around, a fact not helped by my wearing the guitar. I think one of the staff is Tom Hardy and he is constantly warning me off. If at any time I attempt to walk out onto the mall concourse I am approached by two African-American woman, each sporting a similar afro, who gently usher me back inside. They have dark blue shirt and pants uniforms, but I know they are security and not cops. Although it is not plugged in I periodically strum my guitar – just simple chords – and the effect, the gorgeous sustain and bends, sound really amazing (and as if amplified)-