Monday, 25 March 2019


My little brother and I had killed two people. Their corpses were in my Grandpa's cellar under his house. One corpse had its head and hands cut off. Hoping not to get caught as my friend Aye Dubya said he and Bee Bee had also killed someone, buried them and evaded capture, the body having never been found. Missing people reports on the news. Trying to figure out where to bury the bodies under our Grandpa's house. Taking down a green Marks & Spencer bag to put body parts in. My mother was hanging about and I was scared to open the cellar door in case the bodies could be seen. It was a green bag as you could not see through the plastic. Suddenly scared my mother had already found the remains. A haunting image of the rotting, smelly, decapitated head lying under the house-

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