Saturday, 16 March 2019


At a seaside town in England - I know it's not Scotland - and am looking onto a small landward curved bay. In the bay there stands a (Star Wars) Sandcrawler-esque shaped building. It sits in the water and is reached by a slender slipway from the shore. The 'pointed' end looks out to sea. Externally it is a horizontal and vertical lattice of small-ish windows. The whole thing seems bright and silvery (in spite of the day feeling unremarkable) and I spend some time studying it from a distance- 

I am with my friend Gee Emm and on entering the building there is a counter forming about two thirds of a circle - which also takes up about two thirds of the structure's width - that runs from floor to ceiling, solid until the counter then curved glazing above. Two youths, similar looking, sporting grey and burgundy patched tracksuits, lounge at the counter playing some game. The game involves dice and my point of view zooms in on what they are doing. They are rolling the dice on one half of a countertop security turntable - the type manufactured so that the person behind the counter can rotate money, etc. and a plastic upright prevents anyone being able to put their hands through or suchlike - and the cashier(?) then rotates it. I cannot make any more sense of the game than this. Gee Emm and I squeeze past the two youths. This feels like it could be a tense moment, but they are quite amicable - perhaps more interested in the game than causing any trouble - and we go into the front section of the building. I am sure that here there are two vintage arcade machines here - or am I thinking that 'amusement arcades' are a thing of the past? - but that neither of them is plugged in or is not working, the screens blank. I can't even remember being able to identify what arcade machines they are. We are then passing by the youths on our way to leave, and this time I accidentally bundle into one of them, but again everything is completely fine. Up close I see the youths are very similar looking indeed, the same long-ish faces, long noses and tousled brown hair- 

I am with Gee Emm and it is 8:30pm and either he has to go or I am staying out (with who?) until that time. I'm sure I'm waiting for a train - we are in some sort of waiting room/wide corridor - but Gee offers me his house keys as he's working early the next day and will be in bed. I say that it's fine as Ell could let me in... then we both realise at the same moment she'll be sleeping too. He tells me their five digit security code, seven - two - .... -

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