Friday, 1 March 2019


Four static Aliens - very much the same as an (unpainted) Halcyon Movie Classics 'Alien Warrior' kit - all lying on their backs, each on an individual raised dias of some sort. Hard to discern the scale of this scene as the Aliens seem to be on a smaller scale too and I am much larger than life. They seem to have the fixed pose of the model kits and periodically they seem to crackle with energy (that I am giving them?) and jolt into life, their arms, legs and tails thrashing about (until such a time as I decide to lift my finger(?) away from whichever one I have energised and they stop). I seem to be fascinated and scared by this action at the same time, wary to stay out of their reach- 

Then it's as if people are being assembled as some sort of kit. See great chunks of packing foam being removed from a huge card box and a person being assembled, kit-like-from the body parts that are cushioned inside-

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