Monday, 11 March 2019


Set in a similar location to the 'SUN' (computing) lab. at Strathclyde University. Some owner guy. I bought a Toffee Crisp (someone else had before me) and left it in behind a computer while I went away to do something else. The owner guy saw me do this. I watched him open the Toffee Crisp, take a big bite, and bring it over to me, handing it over jokingly. Wanted to slap his face so much. Accepted it at the time but, having waited for a chance, jumped up and slapped him. He took it quite well. I scampered off- 

Now lots of snobby folk about. Location gradually changing to a huge castle in Scotland. Horrible, black, sprawling stone construction, curved, maze-like, smooth and damp. Made entirely of cobble-like material. Permanently dull. Tried to slap some snobby woman in the face, catching her with just two of my fingers. But by standing on a radiator (a long, skinny 60's style like the University's) I was able to slap a guy in the face. I then decided to go for a snobby woman near him. I caught her a full-handed slap in the face. She must have felt it through her entire body as she reeled back, visibly shaken, and went off to get the owner guy, stumbling over to him and telling him what I'd done. He was well miffed and ran up to me then away again to get troops(?). Meanwhile, I began to try and destroy some bench I'd seen earlier (that had an upstanding, hammer-like piece built into its construction). I was scared it wouldn't break and I'd get it. The owner watched me for a bit while he dished out commands to his soldiers. Eventually my foot began to move the construction, the dowel began to give and it all suddenly fell to pieces. Scooping up the hammer-like weapon I ran off across the castle courtyard. The owner obviously figured out I'd hide in the maze-like structure there. Instead I ran through doorways, arches, hopped over walls until I was outside the castle and running through a dull, overcast, damp, barren, dark rocked, thinly grassed glen. I then reached water and swam. All very still and quiet. The water was deep blue to black and I tried to stay under the surface as much as possible. (Dolphin style as used by Moby?) Now I changed from being the pursued individual to an onlooker, a great hulking, barbarian of a fellow taking my place. He swam for miles and miles until he arrived somewhere like Greece. And, in the 5 years he spent there, he strengthened himself up even more, took a wife and built up a huge army and went back to conquer the owner guy in the castle-

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