Thursday, 27 February 2020


A dark, grey/green washed out industrial environment. We are hunting (supposedly!) Aliens. At times this activity feels utterly real and at others I feel I am reminding myself that this is just a very realistic computer game, making mental notes about aspects of the gameplay and how I have perhaps been injured or died(?) - a single Alien springing, arms wide, from behind a wall mounted ducting or pipework feels less like an incident and more like a looped replay. We're patrolling inside generic concrete corridors with a sort of soft earthy gravel underfoot. The whole place seems to have been designed with Aliens in mind – hence the unreal sensation - as there's plenty of air conditioning ductwork criss-crossing on the walls and ceiling and what looks like very fine – but solidly built – square wire mesh structures, almost like airing(?) ducting. Some of this material has been fashioned into lid-like covers for openings in the wall and ceiling too. Myself and the other marines are gingerly investigating all these features by torchlight, anticipating an all out attack at any moment. We come across a network of this mesh ducting that takes up a huge amount of space. I watch, trying to follow with my torch, what looks like a greyhound pace and race back and forth within one of these horizontal lengths-

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