Wednesday, 19 February 2020


In a room which I sure belongs to my friend Dee Bee. Seems to be a hotel. There's myself, Dee Bee and few other guys there. We're just sort of chatting when the atmosphere suddenly becomes very serious. There's a curtain pulled over the (near square) main window and as it hangs you can see to the outside about 5 inches to the right and two inches to the bottom of it. What happens next, and the cause for our alarm, is all framed in this 'L' shape. A bunch of Latino(?) guys are emerging from the sea. They all have toned bodies and are wearing long bermuda shorts. As they near the shore they begin to slowly pelt the room/window with smallish stones. The window has no glass as I can recall stones showering into the room – they really pick up the pace and we are all panicking and ducking for cover-

Next I know I'm standing on a timber decking built over the sand and looking onto the beach (situated below the overhang of the hotel building, maybe 2-3 storeys below Dee Bee's room). I watch anxiously as the guys from the ocean leave the water and continue their slow, zombie-like advancement off to my left-

I'm up at the very top of the hotel now, talking to my mother's older cousin, Emm Arr. I am concerned for her safety in light of this frightening invasion from the sea. We discuss something about her room and she says she doesn't give a shit, laughing that everything is in Monty(?)'s name-

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