Wednesday, 25 December 2019


I was in the front lounge and was m****rbating. Lunch was called so I hastily finished and tidied myself and the mess up. I went through to the kitchen and sat at the table with my two brothers while my mother prepared lunch. Lunch was like Heinz Spaghetti but served in a soup bowl. My mother went off to answer the phone or something. I think I somehow managed to spill my bowl. While cleaning up I noticed a piece of spaghetti on the side of the bowl was moving. It looked sort of spaghetti-like but more transparent and with a black head. It was also wriggling horribly. I was screaming to my brothers. Then from the bowl sprang what looked like this-

It looked similar but was all smeared in tomato sauce. It was as if somehow my sperm had mingled with the spaghetti and created this living thing. Completely horrible. As it crawled in at the kitchen cupboard kickboards we eventually, thanks to the fact that it was slow moving, stamped the thing into a spaghetti drenched mass. All it was made of was pasta and sauce. Just as I'd cleaned this up another thing flew out from my bowl. It made it over to the corner cupboard (which was open) in the kitchen. I got some kitchen towel and went over and just grabbed its tail as it tried to slither in. I lost my grip and it slithered away in amongst the tins. I thumped the worksurface in frustration, but also in hope it might attract the creature. I saw some prawns in a polystyrene packet being moved and put my hands in and grabbed. I got it! I was just wrapping it up and putting it in the kitchen bin as my mother came back in and asked what was going on. I said that, “it was nothing.”-

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