Monday, 25 November 2019


Climbing up a huge oil rig structure. Four of us, myself, my two brothers and my father. At first we were inside the structure but as we neared the top we went outside. Now very shaky and insecure structure. Typical external metal stairs with tubular metal handrails. The gaps revealing the height we were at. It felt quite unsafe. Then reached the bit that my father wanted to. It was a small cab. Inside was a dead person. He had been there for 6 years and had not decomposed. He looked like Nick Parrish, the policeman from Home And Away

He had a bullet wound on he left side of his chest. My little brother braved the situation and went into the cab and sat the body up as if he was reading a comic. He left a Beano comic to his left too. Like so. I lit a candle outside and went in and looked into his dead eyes. My little brother was waiting outside and the others had gone down a level. I threw the candle in to torch the place. It caught fire. I felt at last that the body would rest in peace. My little brother and I ran down the stairs, catching up with the other two below the cab. We told them to get a move on in case the fire brought the ceiling down on us. I told my father what I'd done as we continued to descend-

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