Thursday, 7 November 2019


In Iceland. I am hiring a car. Seems that soon (and by some strange logic) there will be no more cars there as they are all very old and there are no new ones at all. How will they get new cars? I think will they set up a manufacturing plant? This concept really perplexes me. Seems a hired car comes with a basic handwritten note about what's actually wrong with it. Car says you need to wear like cheap plastic safety goggles - on a fabric/elastic band - because it leaks THC(?) when you drive it? There is even a scrawled drawing of the goggles next to a circled “THC”- 

I'm in a small red, rusty and unreliable car with 2 or 3 other people, driving out into the landscape. I'm sitting in the back. Do we stop at a remote place called Filly or Tilly or Dilly or something? Sort of souvenir elastic tie bands with that name on it by a rock. The man and woman with me say these bands are free and urge me to take one. Sort of velcro'd on to each other. I take the top band and put the loop over my mouth and make silly "wooty wip" noises, opening and closing the loop in time as if it were my lips. The couple find this hilarious, especially the woman and so I keep doing it. The woman wants to take a photo and I'm conscious she cannot seem to snap anything satisfying while I have this doubtful feeling inside, certainly, that I'm forgetting how to make the correct amusing noises as well as pretty much going through the motions until a decent picture is taken-

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