Tuesday, 12 November 2019


Something to do with the release of a third RIDE single. The song was definitely not on the album. The title definitely had the word 'shell' in it- 

Trying to run to a hill in the middle of a flat area. Tall grass. However, the army were coming too and their intentions were far from good in my eyes- 

Had to really run it. As I was doing so formations of army jet fighters would scream overhead- 

This happened several times. I was absolutely pelting it towards the hill now. Then the first plane dropped a rocket there was an explosion- 

I knew their intentions. I was so close to the hill at that first explosion that I now knew I had to get away. The frightening thing was the whole squadron were now dropping their rockets. These hit the ground and then propelled themselves along it through the tall grass into the mountain to explode- 

The rockets were huge white things with red painted tips. They moved at an incredible speed. At one point when they came in droves one of them clipped me. So lucky to get away. While this was going on, and as rocket after rocket piled into the mountain, I caught glimpses of huge, great stone constructions, presumably made by aliens- 

Totally massive and utterly compelling structures- 

At this point on of the planes was burning clusters in the grass with its downturned jets as it landed to see if I was okay- 

The pilot was a black woman. She'd landed against orders. Now an onlooker as my character became a short-haired, thin woman arguing with an army superior (who had turned up to discipline the black pilot and remove her). She was totally shouting about, and swearing about her “right to know!” Sad that I never got to see the hill again. Had it been blasted to a big crater, to create a landing site like that in 'Close Encounters'? Was the thing in the hill to be blasted out?

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