Friday, 27 September 2019


Set in Bankhouse Avenue, Largs. A Mini driving about. Three of us at girl's flat. Good intentions. It was myself, the lead actor from the film Man Bites Dog and someone else. The girl's father turned up. He had a small moustache and slicked hair – Italian. Just went mental. Kicking the three of us in. We got him onto a bed and tied him down with a sheet on top of him- 

He was struggling to get his head out. He began to boot the knot at his left foot free. As we pounded on top to restrain him his watch alarm, set at 10:00, went off. He shouted at us to let him stop the alarm and that he needed to go somewhere. He smartened himself up and left. Mr Man Bites Dog went down the stairs to check he'd gone. A couple of minutes later the other guy left the flat and went down to see also. I suddenly realised and rushed to put down the snib on the front door. Too late! As the snib clicked the father belted in the door. He smacked me one and proceeded to boot my face in. I was screaming for the others to come back and help. Instead of going downstairs they had gone up a flight and waited for the others(?) to go down. I was, while being beaten solidly in the face, utterly terrified-

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