Thursday, 12 September 2019


In some superstore. White polythene bags full of comics for sale. I bought a full bag of MARVEL Comics with titles like Iron Man and so on. The other was a bag of 2000AD Monthlies (like 'ABC Trading?') rather than I had previously thought- 

Chased down an utterly massive staircase by a gang- 

About 4 or 5 of us. I was so scared I was leaping over the balustrade to jump great sections of the stairs. Scared due to the steep stairs that I might break an ankle in a fall and get caught- 

I would jump just before a landing to skip it. At the bottom of the stairs I went to the right first. I left my comic bags by mistake. It was totally risky to go to the left to get them before the gang caught up. I just made it. The gang went to the right- 

The leader looked like a fat-faced Tim Booth from the band James. Our side full of trash, all boarded up. They were out at it. Couldn't get through. They talked to us through the giant blue (school-like) railings-

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