Wednesday, 18 September 2019


New York City? On the sidewalk with my friend Vee Dee. Feels like there are another 2 guys with us, but they seem to be several steps ahead. I am looking up at an Inn-style hanging sign above us. It also, somewhat confusingly, looks like a sandwich chalkboard at the same time. On the right hand side of the sign, written in chalk is a message that begins “Thanks for...” and it is from the band Boobs Of Doom. I can see where coloured chalk writing – a menu? - has been rubbed out on the board too, around the edges. This thanks is because they saw my blog. Then there is another note – this time on a sandwich chalkboard on the ground? - about places they like that we should visit. They warn us that they prefer bars that are “rammed” and it mentions things like “Upper East Side” in reference to the 2 or 3 locations. The note concludes with a warning “Try if you dare!” (or somesuch) in relation to a Rum Bar- 

Seems as if this Rum Bar is right next door? Vee Dee and I go/are in it. It has a single angled glass door at either side of a tall and wide central glass window, each door with a long velvet curtain that can be drawn over it. We have come in from the left hand side and are looking at another chalkboard, this time mounted low on an artist's easel. The flooring is simple timber and there is nothing else that I recall in terms of furnishings or staff – I don't think I looked into the bar at any point. It is 'early light', bright, but not sunny and the place has a dusty, ethereal feel. Vee Dee takes some chalk and scribbles at the art on the board. When he finishes I look at the existing illustration – a sort of big-chinned cartoon character with a spiked beard, drawn in single lines – and cannot detect any changes. Did he add a spike to the beard? I ask for the chalk and make as if to draw on the board but do not. Not sure what to do I put the chalk (2 pieces) on the floor under the easel. As we leave, by the right hand side door, I look back and see 3 pieces of chalk – though these are worn and weathered – to the right hand side of the easel. Next to them lies my skateboard, turned on its' back with no wheels or trucks- 

Next door (Boutique store called 'Cult-ure'?). Vee Dee is again standing at a chalkboard making sweeping sketching arcs. He stops this when he sees the staff members (or hears them talking). There are 3 of them and they are all fairly interchangeable, dressed in the classic white tee with washed out denims and slicked back, black hair. Each of them is attending to neatening racks of clothing. Is the item of clothing on a hanger next to the chalkboard a circus ringmaster's red jacket and striped shirt? There are several schoolchildren in smart green blazers with gold flashing – there is a girl with long frizzy blond hair and a long grey woollen skirt who seems to be leading them – and one of the staff is saying that, as they are 14 years old, they are not allowed in the store-

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