Monday, 2 September 2019


Strange sort of Pixar/Zootropolis mash-up. Seem to be inside my/a head, though the interior looks like a converted tower or some sort from the television show George Clarke's Amazing Spaces, all sandy brick, warm timber and a light, bright airy feel. In this circular space three rabbits are running in a circle around a central lightwell. Are they holding hands? Each seems to represent a specific age or time in one's life, and the youngest of these is a female bunny. This causes some confusion if she's inside a male head. One of the rabbits voiced by my friend Jay Dee? At one point we seem to be running away from something and end up in the ear canal. When the head tilts it then somehow reveals the ear on the other side and we can see our pursuer(?) caught in the daylight at the other end- 

At a party at my friend Vee Dee's house. I am talking to his sons. Jay Dee and I especially are having a great laugh – he's howling with laughter at my jokes. We seem to be up on a sort of mezzanine floor, the front door a level below (and out of sight). We discover that “The Somme” has arrived and I proceed to reel off a bunch of unfunny rhyming riffs on this - “The Dong!?”, “The Bong!?”. We pass him on our way out of the house. I have two heavy rucksacks – something tells me one is filled with lots of tangled cables – and we are walking down the street in the dark. Suddenly it's announced we are going for the train and will need to run to catch it. I have no chance with the uncomfortable and heavy bags. The others make it and as I stumble down the steps and on to the platform I see one of them just squeeze in the closing doors. I have no chance and, perhaps expecting the train to wait, am then forced to watch helplessly as it drives off. I have a seething urge to smash something to bits, but opt to flail my hands about feebly, aware that there is CCTV in operation- 

Star Wars setting. Akin to Cloud City. Aware that this huge construct is perched over the sea. Han Solo and Princess Leia. Some sort of pursuit and escape is being conducted. I understand that to get away we need to reach the very bottom of the city (and then, presumably, the sea). Lots of cautiously edging down tight stairwells with a blaster at the ready. At certain points the walls and doors from these stairs change – instead of the chunky white finish, the surrounds are silver/grey and the glass doors evidently open into Imperial sections of the city. The interiors here are the typical reddish and black colour scheme. The people we are with – I have no idea if I am Han Solo or not in this dream, but it feels less so as it goes on – suggest we go to their home prior to heading to the bottom of the city. We exit a stairwell and it is decided that Leia(?) and myself should wrap ourselves in duvets as a disguise. We do so - though it's less of duvet and more a thick bed throw – wrapping them uptight round our necks and walking out into the crowded open space. I am walking with my fists bunched up tight under my chin to hold the duvet in place. Walking straight through the crowds of people, who often part in puzzlement to let us past. My mother, who is walking nearby(?), suggests if anyone asks that I should talk about how ill I am and what prescriptions and medication I am taking. I respond that they may not be the same as here, worried it could give us away. We pass some shop/boutiques on our left hand side. In one of the great glass windows there is the title of the Queen song 'Who Wants To Live Forever?'. My mother says something like, “it's alright for some...”-

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