Monday, 5 November 2018


Sitting in a room having a chat with three other guys - one of whom was Jaws-era Richard Dreyfuss - and we'd all just finished filming our scenes as extras for Star Wars. Next stop we were off somewhere to film the Hoth scenes - for some reason I reckoned this would be Tunisia-

Next thing we're flying along in this light plane over what looks like a strip of waterlogged fields, puddles in bits, bits of fields in others... It's very bumpy on the plane, lots of turbulence, more like being in a boat on choppy waters. So eventually I had to say it was "a bit f**kin' bumpy!", only for them all to reply "we're glad you said that!"-

We land on this strip of field/water - I guess it was a seaplane - and get out. Only problem is there's not much of a road running down either side and carts keep scooting past soaking us from the puddles. So Richard gives it "the next car that comes along is getting it!" So as this white motor goes past he holds up his hand and makes the 'V' sign and turns to follow the trajectory of the vehicle with it. Only, and here we suddenly get very worried, it's a big white hearse! It skids to an immediate stop just up the road - meanwhile we're all in a panic making our way across the roads to hide in gardens(?) - and these two house painters(?) get out, a young guy and an old guy-

Last I remember is being resigned to being cornered and, having taken out the young painter guy by using a big brush to cover his entire face with white paint, I am gearing up to smack the older fellow one with a tin of paint-

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