Thursday, 22 November 2018


Me and my brother and my friend Jay Dubya, who is crashing at our (not normal) house.... The problem is myself and Jay are sharing a single headphone socket for our respective Bob Dylan live albums (I'm on Live 1966, he's on Live 1964) and he keeps pulling the jack out, subjecting my father to it through the wall - not that he cares as it seems he's blind drunk-

I nip to the bathroom and someone's dropped a full sized rug down the exceptionally large toilet. The next thing I know I've picked it out and am folding it up to dab my penis. Then, all that sorted with, the rug hung up to dry, my father appears, telling us how he's been out and about checking out old sights of criminal punishment - with the exception of where they used to hang folk - because going up there's a criminal offence these days...?-

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