Thursday, 1 November 2018


I am at the top of a tall new building (which I am sure is replacing the Empire State Building in New York). I am very frightened as construction is (visibly) still underway and much of the environment is open to the air and I can feel and see everything flexing in the wind. My friend Jay Dee is maybe there, but Sigourney Weaver definitely is. At some moments the works seem quite finished, structurally sound and safe, and at others the structure seems to be simply timber and open to the elements (and I seem to be very much at risk). I am trying to avoid looking at the views of buildings - moving sea-like with every pitch of the construction - that remind my of my perilous location at the very top. I spend much of my time moving very, very slowly, crawling on my belly and desperately holding on for dear life-

In one instance I am in a very small flat consisting of two rooms. It has very low ceilings and a girl lies on a bed/mattress inset into the floor in one room. She seems quite happy to be living here up so high it's unsettling. The wind and rain batter against the curved windows which form the entire walls. The floor to ceiling is maybe only a metre, perhaps even less. I can still feel the distressing sway of the building. There is a sense that the area I am in is somehow not quite connected to the (more complete) structure of the building below. Is there a stair that I could get to to reach a more secure feeling vantage point?-

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