Friday, 16 November 2018


At a house or someplace and there was a dog, like a greyhound with a more Dobermann-esque head, the characteristic pointed upright ears. It had a short, but spiky, dark grey-ish and green flecked coat. There was also a snake in the house and a cat, though it had a similar sleek body to the dog with a small head (but this was that of a puma or panther). I remember introducing myself to the dog and it playfully clamped my outstretched hand in its toothy jaws. The owner told me not to worry, scolding the dog? I tried the same technique with the cat but it was not interested. All the while I was mindful (scared!) of the snake as it seemed to be circling me a little menacingly, skirting about the floor and working its way closer. I again attempted to pat the dog and it proceeded to clamp my hand a couple of times, not letting go. Before I knew what was going on the snake had shot up my body and wrapped itself around my neck and shoulders. The cat then came for me too and I could feel the sharp pain in my neck as it bit twice into the back of it-

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