Sunday, 1 April 2018


Sitting with my Mother, Tee Gee and Jay Eff (both of whom I just could not quite place in time - were they in their late teens/early 20's or now around the same age as myself?) talking about primary school. I was describing, and impressing all of them, with my recollections - as to how between the two principal buildings there was a flower bed and the planted rose bushes spelled out "Kelburn Primary". I could picture this clearly, see the grass playground, the Primary 4-6 building to my left in the foreground and the Primary 1-3 building there in the background. My Mother mentioned a tearoom - this would have been nearby at Scott swing park - and though Tee Gee and Jay Eff were unconvinced, I then sat and described it in as much detail as possible, this single story square building next to the through path. I obsessed over the windows, staring hard at the one in the room we were presently sitting and trying, but not quite, to describe those in the tearoom. I could picture them, but I just could not find the right words. There was a third girl there too - who looked a little like a younger Maya Rudolph - and becoming aware of her she seemed quite upset by these memories even though her mannerisms suggested she was happy-

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