Saturday, 21 April 2018


Long queue of women down a dog-leg stairwell. At the top there was a push door. Here, near to the front, was (Anne Charleston,) the woman who played Madge in Neighbours. Travelling down the stairs I passed her and, desperate to say her real name I simply blurted out "Madge!" in recognition. She looked startled and began to grumble in her trademark throaty voice to the women around her. Further down the steps I met my mother, who was younger here, and she urged me to go back up, reminding me that I knew Madge's real name. Convinced I could recall her name for sure I made my way to the landing below, pushing past all the smartly dressed ladies. But as soon as I saw Madge ahead of me and she, in turn saw me, I anxiously yelled "Helen!" with enough vigour to make it sound wholly sincere. Madge tutted in her inimitable style, letting her mouth drop open in disdain. I ran back down the stairs, more squashed by my surroundings than before. My mother again reassured me and on my third attempt I did indeed manage to exclaim "Anne!"-


  1. And did you glean a twinkle of appreciation in the end?

    1. I think so.... Amazed/puzzled/concerned at quite so many Neighbours connections in my dreams. Definitely more of that to come (and am sure Friends has wormed it's way in deep (sleep) too....