Wednesday, 11 April 2018


At the theatre. I have my St. Etienne beanie hat on. Very sweaty. Got in Aye Dubya's mum's car with Enn (?). Didn't know whether to take the minibus thing back. Car stopping and starting. Made a run for it when car was stopped. Bridges. Chased by Aye Dubya's mum and her friend, Mrs Bee. Small, traditional railway-style bridge, children playing-

I set off a huge bomb but nothing happened. At the end of the bridge two people waiting, Bee Wai and someone else. Shot them but it didn't hurt. Got through to the big bridge. Elaborate structure with five giant pill-like objects on it-

I got about 1/3 of the way across it. Nel (?) had been caught. I used the bannisters to slide down then run up the other side to reach the pills, lying on the first three. Thinking I had to take them in some sort of order, or touch them in some sort of order. Muddled up-

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