Monday, 16 April 2018


On a Glasgow bus with Aye Ell. Riding along when he suddenly presses the 'emergency stop' button (on the upright pole in front of our seats). I ask him why he did this, thinking he just wanted to stop and has made a mistake. Then aware there's an ambulance with a (dead) body on a gurney straight ahead of us. The bus has gone and I am simply viewing this scene with no obstructions. The body's head is all chipped, mashed on top and bloody. Then it feels like we are back on the bus which is circling, as if the ambulance is sitting on a roundabout, this scene. I feel like I want to go. Then, out the environs of the bus again I'm aware Aye Ell and I are watching another similar scene. This time a body arches and twitches, almost attempting to stand up, bent double, bracing feet and forehead on the ground, while the emergency services look on and we again circle round. This action is horrifying yet fascinating to watch-

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