Wednesday, 18 March 2020


Go into a music retail shop. It's an old company, like Our Price or something. The shop itself feels very like the 'Martins' newsagent that used to be on Largs Main Street – creamy painted timber with large windows and glazed entry doors in the centre. Myself, Kay Emm, Enn Bee and his wife Eee Bee go in. My friend Emm Enn and two others are working there. One of them is an older woman, the other is definitely present, but peripheral. To the left is the shop counter and directly ahead and to the right are racks of CDs. I'm really surprised there are no DVDs for sale. I mention this to Emm Enn and he says it's been like that for a while. The shop is just closing and the lady staff member bolts the top of the double doors to stop anyone else from entering. I enthusiastically make some joke about it being a lock-in. We go over to the right to browse the racks of cheap CDs for sale. They all have circular white stickers with a red border and a black, handwritten-esque font stating either £2 or £3. The albums that catch my eye have plain white covers with a single inset photo, stylistically reminiscent of St. Etienne's 'Foxbase Alpha' album cover in many ways-

To the right of this rack, towards the window there seems to be a stack of My Neighbour Totoro merchandise. I'm not quite sure what it is – I think it's a soundtrack cd bundle, but on closer inspection it looks like some sort of plastic margarine tub with images printed on the side. I don't know what's in it – all I know is the price is a shocking £153! I'm stunned and recoil. Atop this construct there are several sets of Totoro vinyl figures, one of which seems to be obscured or refracted through a tiny hole – you have to squint your eyes and look carefully, moving your head from side to side to try and view them in a row. Enn Bee is keen to see them down. I look at some other random vinyl figures, noting that one of a guy standing is only £10-

There is another person present in the shop now and he asks the lady staff member – who is at this point is definitely the actress Sally Hawkins – if he can see something...? She is quite shy and awkward when dealing with him/us. I am over by the counter with her and pick up a black plastic rectangular object. I am puzzled, turning it over in my hands whereupon I realise it is a small PC monitor. It's warm as I think Sally has just disconnected it for the other customer. There's another monitor sitting to my right too. Kay Emm is now (transported) outside, visible through the shop window. Noticing that Enn Bee is still interested in the figures I indicate to her by making the peace sign that we'll be two minutes. I motion with with both my hands for her to sit down-

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