Thursday, 26 March 2020


I am with my little brother and my friend Bee Tee. The weather is bright and sunny and we are in a grassy area, kicking about near a distinct, worn vehicle track. A strange, small, bubble covered sort of creature trots past at one point, emerging from the long grass onto the path. It's a little like a lamb, but with a much longer neck and no discernible head - it just simply rounds off at the end. It's primarily blue in colour with flecks of red. The next time I see a similar creature it is physically the same only it has the fur and colouring of a tiger. Its face is much more cute, the round, innocent eyes almost on the top of the head/neck. I ask my brother and Bee if they want another drink - has Bee Tee just drunk a tiger animal? - and I am asked for a lemonade and to "get us another one of those (tiger animal drinks)"-

I'm now on a beach and looking up high towards a shore structure with railings. People are milling about there. I sense a girl there looking down, watching me. It's a vague, indistinct sensation. I struggle to remember what my brother asked for to drink. I am walkig up on the promenade/street level, the beach far below. I recall going into a few counter/cafe places to be told by the staff they have no scones and jam - I think the hot weather and crowds means they have all sold out. One particular counter is staffed by the actor David Tennant and he makes a (sore) point of clearly articulating they have no scones and jam-

In a queue at a counter. The guy ahead of me is paying for his order. I see a tiger animal trotting about the floor behind - good as I know I can buy them here. There's a family of four behind me - a mother, father and two early teen boys - and I am sure they are after scones, but have not heard the announcement. One of the sons tries to queue-jump and I forcibly pull him back into line. Somehow at this point a bald guy infiltrates the front of the queue and manages to get the £5.05 change due to the other guy. I cannot accept this blatant theft and, with my fingers pointing, I tap both the customer and the thief on the top of their respective bald heads - the customer had hair when ordering - and voice my displeasure and say he did it. Does the cafe owner have a £3 million Lottery ticket...?-

I decide to walk back to the beach by another route. At the start of this stands the girl who I was watching from the beach. She is standing by the railings with another guy. She is again looking at me. She seems quite fixed in my mind but I still skip by quickly, aware but wary and without really registering her (familiar) face. I follow two old ladies down a sloped walkway with a built up wall to the sea side. Everything here is covered in a browny stone render. About half way down this walkway it takes a sharp turn to the right only about 3-4 metres is missing. There's no way to continue. I look down at the blue water. You can see the bottom and I think about the frightening possibility of a Great White Shark swimming there. I follow the old ladies back up to the street. Somehow the walkway has changed - it's almost a single brick wide with a single brick upstand at points - and the journey is fraught with danger. The old ladies, one of whom has a walking stick, struggle to cope-

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