Saturday, 27 July 2019


Guys driving about in out garden in a Ford Fiesta. Skidding about on the grass like crazy. Frightening. I was calling out to my father for help. He was sitting at my parent's bedroom window writing. I was in the garden-

Scene in some sort of cafe. The waitresses wore typical clothing, though a little low cut, comprising light blue shirt and a white apron. Sort of saucy 'Carry On...' style feature. One waitress pulled down her top and, with a saucy laugh, plopped her breasts out. Another woman sat topless and my attention, and hand, was focussed on her left nipple. My hand approached and tweaked the nipple revealing it to be a weird insect, a sort of butterfly-like colourful object-

It had blank, ink-like splotches interspersed with bright red and yellow colours. Needless to say this all got a huge laugh. I then proceeded into the rear of the cafe and through into the kitchen/staff area. There was a TV set on a cabinet in the corner and a waitress breastfeeding her baby. Bee from Presto supermarket was there too-

The waitress said something like, “How I manage to … and be a working mother today, I just don't know!” The middle part of this was the gag and again everyone laughed heartily. Bee looked at us and said something and laughed-

First day back at University in second year. Walking along to Unit 6. All the Unit temporary separating timber partitions had gone and everything was open plan. 'I Never Want An Easy Life If Me Or He Were Ever To Get There' by The Charlatans was playing on a stereo. Everyone was singing along. I got to Unit 6 and sat down next to my friend Jay Cee at the wall. We were all singing along-

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