Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Myself and Kay Emm in a car. She is driving. Tightly packed network of inner city roads, some passing overhead, with crash barriers at the verge. Slightly claustrophobic. Varying between 2-3 lanes. No oncoming traffic, only appears to flow in one direction. Busy, travelling at 50mph or so. Startled to see a dog running, keeping pace with the traffic. It is a Dobermann Pinscher and is weaving in and out of the speeding vehicles, reappearing every time I anxiously suspect it has been hit/killed. Another 2 dogs join in this tense race of death, enthusiastic, running close to the car, accelerating past, continually dodging and weaving. At one point the traffic slows and there are concrete slab paths (inset in red chuckie stones) to the side of the road(s). A thick set brown/yellow-ish dog darts off at one such path - much to our relief - and runs alongside a pedestrian in a white shirt and kilt-

Arrive at a University(?) destination and enter a large foyer. It has a dark, almost black, mottled vinyl flooring and a high ceiling. Large windows ahead give a bright and spacious feel. What looks like great metal wind chimes - actually matt finished steel rods of different lengths - hang from a similar circular support (itself suspended from the ceiling) a few metres in diameter. Myself, Kay Emm (and now) Jay Emm spot Vee Dee flanked by two official looking gentlemen. I try and catch his (weary) eye as he converses with them. He wears a slight hang-dog expression of surprise when he notices us, and holds the pose for a long time. There is a stair from a floor below over to our right and a large circular architectural model - that I somehow envisioned/suspected completes the scene? - begins to emerge, carried by a number of people. It is made of timber and white plastic tubing, demarking some sort of ribbed exterior feature. Everyone joins in in the effort to attach the model to the metal rods, each one seeming to correspond to a rib on the outside. We are all scrunched up close trying to match these up-

Man comes from tree. Tree from the norm-

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