Friday, 17 August 2018


At some sort of function with Kay Emm. Cold white environment, all rounded surfaces and abuzz with conversation. I am chatting to Stuart Braithwaite from Mogwai. He is smartly dressed and looks exactly as per the Every Country's Sun online 'making of' videos. I leave-

Suddenly I am wiping my bottom, two dirty great streaked wipes (the paper viewed in grotesque close up). From behind me I hear, "maybe you should pull the curtain when you wipe your bottom..." I'm surprised to see Stuart grabbing a beer from a fridge, the line of the curtain over to my left. I casually say I could just use the curtain to wipe my bottom and he says I'd better not!-

Something that seems to be a thread throughout this dreamescape is about (audience/attendance) numbers of 1000 - 3000 - 5000 people, 1000 being poor with 5000 being the most desirable and profitable(?). This feels quite critical and the thought of these figures continually bothers me. See you around, says Stuart when he comes up to me and I hear he is leaving. I give him a friendly response-

Kay Emm and I seem to be in a great labyrinth of a theatre. It has a plush red carpet and off-white walls throughout. I meet two guys and explain what I am doing(?) but at this point I only have an old print of my Burning Orphanage comedy script, with its plastic spine and biro amendments by myself. I feel it should be something else and the lack of this document confuses me and I stutter... What I should have in my possession relates to some sort of quiz/task that Kay Emm and I are appaently undertaking(?). I almost get in a fight or sense impending violence with one of the guys. We are walking outside and I am feeling tense, quite prepared to fight him, and he seems to feel the same towards me. I am not sure of the other guy either. See spray painted letters of "S" and "D", gold on a black timber background when we are walking. These relate somehow to the tasks we're undertaking. Kay Emm and I supposed to be collecting (proper versions of) these gold letters hanging on the theatre walls inside? When I am back with her - no idea how much time has elapsed - I recall she wants to go back outside with me to see these letters, but I really don't want to, being wary of the threatening guy-

Drinking with Vee Dee and we have three shots in quick succession. Next I know we are both standing in intense pain with numerous holly leaves stuck and caught in our clothing. I work out we have run through a holly bush in a sudden blackout of complete drunkenness and that I have a branch of holly jammed in just above my groin. The holly bush sits high on a white rendered/painted wall and drapes over the top, the drinks table/outlet we must have been stumbling for beyond it. Where the branch is jammed into my belly is really painful and, like the many leaves caught in my jumper, I'm definitely aware it needs to be pulled out. Sort of see the burial point in my skin in close up, the skin folding in, the branch jutting neatly out-

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