Tuesday, 28 August 2018


University Professor Eff Dubya and his brother. They are talking about the 'building report' assessment. Big blue wooden slatted house, like that of the Addams Family, and similarly spooky. I drew it. Eff Dubya is talking about its unconventional design. Kenneth Frampton's Modern Architecture book. Pictures of frog corpses crawling with flies. Took a while to work out that an image was a huge empty frog eye socket with flies crawling all over it. All very transparent, a light green/lime colour. Eff talks about how if it is built then people will come to eat and that it did not have to be built in a certain place because people would come to it anyway(?). In the student halls at University. Met two Charlatans fans and we show off our t-shirts to each other. Other folk were asking who they were. One guy looked very much like my friend Enn Ess but it definitely wasn't him. Was wearing my “Tim Negative” Charlatans shirt at the time-

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