Thursday, 26 July 2018


Setting is China or Japan. Rainy, damp day. Running at full pelt up a road to a house. I go in, collect something, then leave. Come running out and the other guy (a Chinese equivalent of my older brother) who is running towards me at first then diverts off up another road and into another home to get something. I realise if I am running along the road I will get caught (by?). I run up a guy's driveway and cut through his garden onto a cobble path that stretches down to the sea (which is some distance away). There are gardening plots/allotments on either side of the path. Absolutely race down this shiny and slippy path, leaping over the people I come to. Eventually I reach the sea. Boats out on the water. Very choppy/rough sea. I swim out to a two funnelled ship and scramble aboard-

The crew then assemble and are going to kick me in. A fight ensues and I am kind of using a mop handle to fend them off, winning until a big butcher guy turns up (armed with a “mini-sickle” weapon)-

Think I lose a finger. Think I've had it. Only two guys left by now but I am cornered. When I chop the butcher's arm off and boot him over the side the other (and final) guy runs up to me with a bit broken off the ship's nameplate-

I think I kicked him over the side and-

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