Saturday, 6 January 2018


At a gig to see Kasabian at a Glasgow venue quite similar to The Garage (but mashed in part into the stylings of Edinburgh's Banshee Labyrinth), though this seemed to be over 3 levels and had lots of corridors, being quite 'mazey'. Seemed very easy to get lost. There were only 22 people at the gig - this number was continually fixed in my mind - and they were not really responding to the music at all. I recall thinking that Kasabian were used to playing to crowds of 50,000, wondering why they were playing to such a small group. People, including Kay Emm, were lying sleeping on the floor and there were jackets piled up all over the place. I had my Fender Guitar with me - it too was just lying on the floor - and there were shopping bags strewn about. Jay Dee was there and he had his shopping in a Sainsbury's Elephant Bag-

I was sure it was full of Budweiser beer and that he was sharing them out. I decided I wanted another drink, pretty sure I'd had 2 cans of beer already. I then wanted to find my jacket as I knew I had 2 packs of Wrigley's Extra (green) chewing gum, one of which had 1 single piece of gum the other had 4 pieces. I found that in a pile and searched the pockets. I looked in Jay Dee's bag for beer and was surprised to find a tin of Heinz Baked Beans and vegetable soup. There was a single can of lager, in a pale grey tin, something like 'First Choice: Scottish Lager' - I knew this was cheap beer and didn't want it-

At this point I approached the stage. The singer Tom Meighan (who was or looked exactly like the actor Michael Shannon) and I had a little chat. I was perplexed at their performance and asked, "why don't you use your secret weapon?" He replied, "you're our secret weapon." The band then left the stage. I wanted a whiskey and coke (though in the back of my mind I was searching for one I'd already half drunk) so I said to someone to tell the band to wait as I'd be back in 2 minutes. I was anxious as I negotiated the stairs and corridors of the venue. I could then see the bar and-

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