Saturday, 27 January 2018


Agent Johnny in full clown garb, one piece white suit complete with red bobbles up the front and a white pointy hat with a furred band. I was upset he was wearing black stockings, stitched in a ribbed pattern, and no shoes, so much so that I scolded him to the point he was quite ashamed. I broke off to cross the road to pursue a man who I knew was the greatest comic collector and knowledge in the world. I was crossing near or under a railway bridge, such as that in Partick. I approached him from the back as he paced in irregular steps, slightly hunched. His face, when I finally saw it, had an elaborately drawn Victorian-esque moustache on his cheeks and chin. This drawing, in blue ink, had been made by several children who he claimed were following and pestering him-

Next thing I was in a Housing Association office attempting to find Agent Johnny's new address as he was no longer at his old one. I had lost track of him while I encountered the famed comic collector. Despite sharing last names, as soon as the staff figured out I was not a relative they told me they could not help me. Exasperated, I left in disgust-

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