Friday, 12 January 2018


On a stony beach with some folk. Bad weather/night is slowly creeping in from the right hand side. Strange maroon shape sweeping in from there and I realise it's not a cloud as it passes in front of a distant island. It's a huge square sail, curled back and forth on itself evenly from top to bottom, on what is a large raft. On the raft is a giant white horse and a blonde woman, also clothed totally in white. They come ashore. The horse is frightening as it roams here and there but I have an urge to go near it. Now at a hotel at night. I approach the horse and once close enough it happily follows me up the wide stairs and through a set of large glass doors on to the roof terrace. With a mixture of awe and trepidation I watch it dash about-

Now on a giant cruise ship/ferry. We are coming in to dock. I am walking (at the head of a crowd) up a wide timber deck. Ahead of me is a woman. She's wearing a denim captain's hat, a blue and white horizontally striped long sleeve top and denim hotpants. I overhear a woman behind me saying she is just walking this way simply to follow her. I can/can't quite see the face of the woman up ahead, but am sure I have seen her about on the ship. She's about 1/3 profile. I'm quite aware she's smiling to herself, the way beautiful people do, sure of the attention of hopeless saps like myself. I pick up pace and she exits on the left through doors marked "staff only". I go through the next set of doors, part of me thinking I'll double back and meet her. There are some folk coming towards me, but not her. I take a door on my right into a toilet. I am in the lobby and there is nothing there. It's a faded dark blue, the walls and floor mottled, the sound of water running/dripping, the air heavy with moisture. A door ahead of me opens and a huge guy in a beanie hat stands there. He says something friendly but unintelligible in a thick Scottish accent. I reply in an upbeat, non-committal fashion and he laughs. I walk past him, down a shallow slope into the toilets. I say I'm glad of the slope as it makes me understand why he seems so tall compared to me. He says something else, laughs and we do a fist bump (which dwarfs my tiny hand) and he leaves. I enter a (large) toilet cubicle. Low on the wall there seems to be a sink with a plastic lid. (Everything in here is the same mottled blue.) I tip the lid up with my foot. It is filled to the brim with foamy water. I decide I cannot balance that with my foot and pee. I look at the floor and there is a large-ish hole there. Part of this is covered by a broken grill. I think to myself that this hole is for crapping-

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