Wednesday, 24 January 2018


At some sort of strange party/house. Host a sort of House Of Elliot-type with blond curled bob and black hat. In a small toilet looking for a shower. Shower is part of the main space, a large vintage metal showerhead with a clear polythene sheet/bag attached to keep the water in. Suddenly aware my penis is sticking out of my clothing (a sort of grey long johns, cut off above both knees and elbows). It's like a monkey's cock, a thin, ruddy dried sausage. Embarrassed I quickly tuck it away before any of the guests notice-

Trying to escape a large L-shaped house. This belongs to Gee Arr and he's showing my little brother and I around. One part is solidly built with few windows, the other 3 storeys are floor to ceiling glazing throughout, lit up brightly inside as it's night. Can we escape in the truck with a trailer? It's stacked with barrels. A black clad figure performs a fantastic somersault from the 3rd floor into the garden in the midst of spectacular fireworks/explosions. He lands where we are-

Young animals. There's a young black and white furry animal (a skunk without the tail?), a tortoise (without a shell) and a lion cub. These belong to Jay Gee. He has been away and has returned and the animals are now fully grown. The large skunk-like cat walks past very close to me. The great, leathery tortoise/snake is next. The lion threatens Jay Gee and prepares to bound into the room. Jay Gee knocks the Jimmy The Hapless Idiot Boy Jumbo Doll to one side as the lion leaps into the small bedroom and places a paw on his/my head-

On a sparse office floor looking for an access code. Ess Ess is at a desk typing on a computer while a woman is perched on the end on the phone. She talks to Ess Ess normally but is impersonating an Irish accent on her call. They are competing with each other for something. The woman gets it first. The code (they were after) is 4597. Robert Merritt-

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