Wednesday, 15 April 2020


Somewhere very like the old Hope Street Studios in Glasgow in the smaller front room. Dee Bee occupies the desk immediately inside the door, then there are one or two desks to his right before they return with a single desk at the window (where Dubya EmmCeeAyy sits). The room is quite dimly lit and has a very 'timber' vibe in my mind. There are lots of small plastic figures aligned in a row on the desks, various collections. The desk(s) next to Dee Bee's have a long line of manga/anime-esque characters. I swear under my breath - "f**k's sake...."- and am suddenly conscious that Dubya's young son is next to me (and has overheard). I am slightly embarrassed. Dubya does not seem to have noticed either. We chat amicably for a bit then I say, "I think I'll just f**k off now....", but again quite quietly under my breath. I'm not sure if this is understood or not and- 

Outside. Bright day. I am with my friend Pee EmmCeeAyy. Approaching a large triangular structure, sitting in water. It starts wide at the bottom then rises, tapering as it does so. It is flat on top however and does not "peak". It is some sort of sloping irrigated structure comprised of row after row of similarly shaped smaller boxes - they each seem to have long, matted grass on their surface and water gently flows over from top to bottom. It has a surrounding greenhouse/clear plastic covering. I negotiate this slowly, puzzling over the means by which it works. Pee EmmCeeAyy prefers to scale it ambitiously, clambering up and down here and there-

We are then - via an opening in the structure - on a small motorboat. I am looking out the front and suddenly realise we are moving out into the water. I am puzzled. Pee is lying completely covered from head to (almost) toe in a grey/blue blanket. His feet are at the controls and I ask him if he did something? He must have triggered the engine by accident with his feet. Taking control I gingerly guide the motor boat back in a loop, avoiding the plethora of other vessels, to the structure. There is a bald black man in a red t-shirt waiting for us. He seems annoyed as I carefully steer the boat into find a spot to moor - he keeps gesticulating and indicating the paintwork on the hull. I think he feels we damaged it when docking, but it looks sort of 'creased' in places to my eyes, nothing more (and certainly nothing to get really that angry about)- 

Then with my friend Cee Cee. We are in some sort of industrial-esque docks/pier area and are looking for the Underground train. I keep hearing/thinking it is down on Level 34. Cee has a football that he throws away, both of us watching as it bounces, jams, then disappears between the prongs of a large loading ramp (over the open water). Racing down an escalator. There is some machine you use to click thru/register your ticket and no matter how hard I try I cannot get it to recognise the one I have. Frustrated, and with Cee urging me to follow him, I run down the escalator to join him- 

Now on a tight, crowded platform. I am worried about not having my ticket stamped and I need the toilet. Cee needs the bathroom too. Do I have time to go back up and get my ticket stamped? It appears that if you are male you can go to the toilet at the rear of the platform, urinating up against the wall. I'd rather not do this. Further along the platform to our right is the ladies bathroom, protected by a sturdy steel door. Cee is not deterred and proceeds to administer a series of relentless kicks (from the knee, stabbing into the door) until it gives. He then enters and continues to do the same with the next obstructive door. Two tall, skinny black guys with beards and dreads and vest tops are mightily impressed at this feat of strength, exchanging approving glances. I am also impressed - I doubt I would have been able to achieve this feat of sheer strength. I think to myself, as Cee is peeing, I will have time to run back up and sort my ticket before the train comes. It's a very close thing and I struggle to spot him in the crowd when I return. Eventually I spy him emerging from the Ladies and joining the throng just as the train pulls in- 

Some female member of staff that Cee knows (but cannot altogether be bothered with). She is also trying to direct us to Level 34(?). She keeps following us and, a little frustrated, correct our route - we're not really paying much attention to her directions (as Cee seems confident he knows the way too)-

Sitting inside a boat. We're in a small lounge with a cheap carpeted floor, basic perimeter box seating and surrounding window. An woman with glasses and her son sits across from us. She is in her early forties, the boy maybe aged about 9 or 10. She seems to quite like me, persevering against the fact that Cee clearly cannot be bothered). We are listening to a Chemical Brothers music CD. The last 2 tracks, however, it is actually me playing. The final track begins with a cacophony of blaring sounds. This last for a few minutes then it drops away to a gentle guitar strum over which I sing (in hushed tones), "It's only water. Take a sip." The woman across from us likes it. I find myself wishing the second(?) CD was there so we could hear more of my music-

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