Thursday, 23 April 2020


A puzzling variety of dream (facial) hairstyles. I am looking close up at myself(?), staring straight into my eyes. Static, light sky blue background. I barely resemble myself – part of my puzzlement – my features regular, almost handsome, with slicked back long hair on top and a long, neatly styled (hipster?) beard that continues down out of shot. (Nothing like my close-cropped reality) I return to this silent still a couple of times, the image perplexing me. Again, also looking straight, I have a SIA-esque mushroom hairdo, only it's tatty blonde dyed this time (like Tim Burgess) that completely covers my face and features. My head is smaller in this wide frontal shot, peeking in the bottom of the large frame. Oddly, when I look close up, at a 2/3 angle to the right side of my face, I have tilted my head back, the (same?) hair falling away to reveal a pair of rounded shades and a puzzling sort of smooth beard that seems kind of wet/matted, if it's not actually part of my skin. The top lip especially holds my focus-

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