Monday, 17 June 2019


I'm in a taxi(?) with TV presenter June Sarpong. She and I are sitting in the back and Jonathon Ross is in the passenger's seat in front of me. He isn't saying much and I just seem to recognise and know him from his blue suit and the back of his head/hair. I can't recall the driver at all. We are driving next to the sea, only a crash barrier between us and the water. It's a bright day and feels like Scotland-

I see Elton John close up (looking particularly '90's, also in his standard blue suit), as if he is giving in interview, and am impressed by his hair and friendly demeanour. As we approach (what I know is) a railway station/airport I make a joke about the sea being no danger in relation to our methods of transport - June is taking a plane and I am taking a train - that falls completely flat-

Arriving at our destination I offer to help June with her luggage. She insists on taking her luggage (from the boot) on her own, but is dragging it back to front, the wheels not quite on and off the ground and the bag itself being scraped along the tarmac as a result. I say I will take care of it and take the long 'U' pull handle from her. There's a strange, vivid moment, simply seeing her large, masculine(?) hand in a kind of freeze frame grip before I do so. The pair of us continue walking and enter the building-

At this point things get confusing, as the interior seems very tight, as if we are already on a train or wherever, lots of grey panels, enclosed spaces and industrial flooring. June must have gone for her plane - I think we part? - and I am alone in negotiating these tight corridors and just as tight staircases. I walk through a narrow door and suddenly have this sense I have passed through and am on a train travelling in the wrong direction. (In something of a panic) I ask an older lady and she tells me I have come a stop in the other direction and that I must change at the next to go back-

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