Sunday, 2 June 2019


At a concert to see the band Acetone. At first I am outside in the street. It is dark, but well lit by streetlights. I am with Bee Aitch and we are walking to the venue(?). I am next with guitarist Mark Lightcap and we are chatting-

I recall seeing drummer Steve Hadley outside, standing in the streetlight next to his parked VW van. He looks small, thin and weathered but in many ways also healthy, young and tanned. He is quite distant from me and I am cautious of him, wary that he might not be too friendly-

Inside the bar is an 'L' shape and there are 2 or 3 women staffing it. The gig is unusual - someone (Steve?) tells me in passing Mark has lost his confidence so won't be playing. I recall a long semi-ambient guitar instrumental, all gently shimmying chords and drifting notes. This - I can see the back side of some record I do not know - is the first track from the record too, noted as running at 7:29. There is a break on the artwork then a jumble of other indiscriminate track names then another break for a final track, again listed as 9 minutes or so long-

I meet Steve outside and he is very welcoming and friendly. I see two young girls (I recall thinking they are his daughters?), just visible by the dim streetlight, sitting belted in the back seat of his VW van as I walk past-

I am back in the bar pestering Mark to let me buy him a drink. He orders a cup of (very strong, black) coffee and I have the same. The lip of my mug is all mottled and aged and for some reason there is a streak of Fairy Washing Up Liquid across the top of it-

This is all I can taste, and it peppers my remaining experience, but I drink the coffee anyway. He and I pass through the bar and are walking outside near to some water (perhaps a river or canal?). At one point there is a strange and quite frightening bang! and it seems as if two boats on the river have collided. Mark seems unconcerned, though I am a little scared. We start talking about Youtube, and the recent Acetone channel. Mark understands about bringing all their music together and not have it randomly spread across many channels and broken up into individual tracks-

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