Monday, 1 October 2018


Family and my father, my mother, my big brother and gran are there. We are on some sort of holiday, all rooming together. Have we climbed lots of stairs up to our room? There is some sort of concern about fire. We are all responsible for packing our cases of luggage and need to be ready soon. Seems we are leaving. I am sorting my clothes, thinking of the wardrobe I will spare to wear (for the journey?) and the rest that needs to be packed. I cannot, simply cannot think too straight as I can't find my underarm deodorant stick. The hunt for this is tense. I feel aware that as the tension rises I am getting sweatier underarm by the minute. A vicious circle. I eventually find the deodorant in my rucksack. It seems like everyone is expected to go for a shower but no one, my mother aside, wants to. Hear the sound of the shower running through the wall. My Dad puts the radio on and the music emanating from it I am quite sure is 'Digeridoo' by Aphex Twin. Through the static - it's not the best reception and it took a while even to find this station - I am sure it is that and I say to everyone that they should listen to it, or as much as they can stand, knowing it is heavy techno. The soft Irish voice of the DJ fades in over the intro and introduces the track. My dad sits quite still on the edge of his bed, hands in his lap and I watch, impressed, as he listens intently to the whole thing. The version we hear is not as hardcore as the actual recording, and many vocal samples dip in and out a more laid back interpretation, the music at times edging closer to the looping swooshes at the beginning of Prodigy's 'Skylined' [Narcotic Suite]-

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