Thursday, 11 October 2018


Aliens. Males and females (distinct by having the backs of their heads split into two, forming almost like horns). There are 7 of them. There are 5 or 6 of us (humans) on the spaceship. Killed some with an explosive tip bullet. Attacked by some and hacked them to bits with anything that came to hand. Came in through a gap in the lift. Blocking it up. We had all survived with only 1 Alien left when, waiting for it to attack, the scene changed-

Now in Greece, apparently the only place left in the world. Sea stretching for miles. All normal, the surviving Alien now looked like Sharon Stone. In a massive library full of Marvel graphic novels and the like. Stole money from a house and ran away, scared that I would be killed, hiding it in the ground. Wanted my University life back. To go home. Sharon Stone said our containment time was up... but somehow it overran. Had sex with her and a member of the crew. Feeling-

Eventually got back onto the spaceship. Thought there wouldn't be enough oxygen. But Lurch (from the Addams Family) was at a control panel making things go okay. Seemed to have a couple of minutes but he saved the day. Computer screen-

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