Saturday, 20 October 2018


Staying at a pals' house - they wake me in the morning saying we're done, that the world has succumbed to 'deep heat' - I can see this slightly because what I'm about to describe is somehow visible through the gap in the door they've peeked through to tell me all this... So I get up and get dressed-

Next thing I'm outdoors, where everything is all washed-out, autumnal colours - faded yellows, browns, kinda like archive footage. I'm in this wide square, busy with lots of concerned folk, walking about quietly talking amongst themselves. Two large, brown brick tower blocks (which I know are exactly 17 storeys high) are off to the left. The trees are absolutely still as there's no wind (but a sense of warm air lingers) and have the absolute minimum of leaves, one per branch. There's an odd sense of futuristic utopia coupled with absolute dread. The planet is screwed and so are we. "About time - a bit late" is what I told my pals as they went off to do some recycling-

Naturally I headed off to one of the tower blocks to wash my Adidas tracksuit top which was soaking in a basin of water there... As I reach the lower level 'open air' lobby area I pass this pudgy little kid singing a line from a hymn - like, but not, a sort of Spiritualized lament version of 'away in a manger'. This scene then repeats, the kid's singing freaking me out this time-

I'm then in a Land Rover heading out into the country where we encounter a farmer with a herd of cows on the road. The animals rampage past us up close, their eyes noticeably rolled back in their heads, the bloodshot whites right at the vehicle window. As we finally pass through a cow at the back breaks away, following us, dashing puppy-like round and round the motor as we go, quite enthusiastic and unafraid. Next thing we're standing in the road - the cow's been shot and is dying, lying in the middle of the road. There's also some bloke in a brown mac atop of it too. He's also been shot and, as he dies he says his name's something like "Wentworth"...?-

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