Monday, 5 March 2018


Some sort of restaurant where my friend Cee EmmCeeEmm appeared to be employed. We went out partying after his shift and on the way home he went back into the darkness of this place to go to the toilet. He returned shortly, having given up. My friend Jay Gee then decided he was going in-

Now in daylight and surrounded by outside seating occupied by coffee breakers. I noticed the owner woman and her female assistant sitting nearby and ducked further down - I was already crouching - in by the cafe window. I seemed to be retching too, and was certainly spitting in the wee water run-off in by the wall. Next thing I am punching Matthew Perry from Friends (who is also lying down against the wall) in the face for getting us in to trouble by using the toilet. I am really punching him and he is pulling his standard Friends-era disgruntled face, whereupon I simply strike him again, harder. This continues for some time-

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