Thursday, 1 March 2018


In an area very similar to Glasgow Central Station - the floor finish, materials and structural elements look the same, but the layout of the platforms, the gentle ramping, the guard railings and surroundings feel more varied and spacious. I'm either waiting for or have just got off a train. There are crowds of people and I am looking for the Beta Band. I can see them some way away from me, walking together in a line near a barrier. Their chosen 'uniform' in this case are thick Aran jumpers, each one slightly different, with bright coloured stripes, circles and blob patterns amidst the standard white wool. They all seem to have exactly the same John Maclean hairstyle. It's impossible to think I can reach them, but I end up bumping into and talking to "Panda", who I understand is their tour manager. I talk about how they have not played any big gigs for a while, thinking of the Glasgow Garage (where I can feel I doubt they ever played). He talks about their couple of Glasgow Barrowland concerts which I seem to have completely forgotten. Then he, my friend Arr Ayy and I seem to be on top of a railway coach or bus or something and we are heading across the station concourse straight for the exit. I realise as we approach that what we are travelling on is far too tall and we will not pass through the opening. As such I clamber from the moving vehicle onto the top of the WHSmith newsagents building. It seems to be 2 storeys tall and I am at the very top. The structure appears to be constructed of rather shaky polystyrene bits and I can look down from there on to the top of another storey that looks similarly unstable. Arr Ayy is next to me. She and I discuss the possibility of climbing down to this first roof and I gingerly climb over the edge and let go, dropping into the blocks of polystyrene-

I am in a gloomy forest, heavy with moisture and moss. Great thick trees rise up tall towards the (unseen) sky. "Panda" and I are discussing if the Beta Band will play here and I have an impression there are many bands playing deep in the forest and we need to figure out which is the genuine article-

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