Saturday, 24 March 2018


Underground network. Short, single person passages, forming corridors. Aware Jay Emm (an old university friend) is one passage ahead and that someone else is one stretch behind. I know too that there is a great line of us, all denoted with an 'M' on a list, moving slowly through this network. If the 'M' is circled you are okay. M it seems, stands for Mervyn. Joey/Chandler from Friends? Each passage is made up of white rectangular panels, perforated in texture. It seemed there wasn't even enough room to touch this surface properly and certainly not in any comfortable pose. Panels small, A4-A5 size, with black recesses, say 1-2cm between. Each person moves into the tight space then, after waiting, the panel in front opens and you move to the next. At one point there were 3 polythene 'eye' shaped gaps in the floor, with a giant zip up the centre. This is unzipped and there was a similar sheet, but with no opening, below. One lay on this and was zipped in tight, aware of glowing red points of life emanating through the unbroken sheet below-

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