Monday, 5 February 2018


"History of Clubbing" jigsaw. I am spread-eagled close to it, arms outstretched, holding the 4/5 completed puzzle in place with my hands. It's unfinished around the edges. There is no physical wall behind the puzzle - I am pressing it against an invisible force and it hangs in mid-air. Behind me, sort of wrapped in and around each other, are 5 or 6 people who are adding pieces here or there. I am scared as we prepare to switch over the task of holding the puzzle in place, 2 people bracing and moving in to undertake my Atlas-like role to allow me to participate. Enn Tee is there and she's showing me some pieces. I bash her leg or she bashes mine as we get out of our respective ways? A man then sort of announces himself and somehow surfs his way, creating a tunnel, through the tangle of bodies-

In a supermarket looking at (what I realise is) packed frozen fish. From somewhere comes the ceaseless chant, "See some ices, it's us!"-

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